What’s on My Mind

So I was told that a blog would be a good way to get things off my cheat.  Well here it goes.  I guess I’ll start with my best friend.  Her boyfriend cheated on her for pretty much her whole pregnancy, which is horrible, but since then she just been so consumed with screwing him over.  We don’t have the conversations we use to and when I really need advice or someone to talk to I feel I cant go to her anymore, which is why I’m writing this.  And this brings me to my next thing my boy friend.  He’s an amazing guy and I love him to death but I feel like he’s always going back to what happened in his past relationship.  I’m not them and I know they did some shitty things and that it does make him scared but holding on to that isn’t going to help us move forward.  My biggest thing is I want him to stay one night with me but every time I have asked and he said yes that he would, there was always some reason he couldn’t.  Now he tells me he wants to but needs time.  How can you tell me you to marry me and have kids with me but you cant stay one night with me?

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